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Video Wall Drummers™

We proudly present to you a new way to open any important event; no matter the product or industry... a combination of Art and technology, of live performance, breathtaking 4k graphics, audience interaction, and explosive music.

Years in the making. A signature in innovative entertainment.

Sure to be one of the most popular opening acts for any corporate meeting. The live part of the show is carried by two Video Drummers on stage, performing on colorful on-screen virtual drums, as music excites the audience, the screen shows texts engaging them to participate, either clapping or yelling, turning any event opening into an exhilarating exercise in togetherness. This "team" feeling moment is also adequate to show the company's slogan, customized messages addressing meeting goals, and logo, all are customizable to appear seamlessly within the show.

This innovative way of entertainment can be 100% customizable to fit the goals of your meeting/event... however we do it, one thing is sure: your guest will be fuzzing about it forever!

Call now for more info and pricing! 786.488.0217.
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