DRUM NUVO live at The Temple House, Miami Beach.

DRUM NUVO it’s a high energy multimedia show. Live Drumming on LED-lit portable drums, Original Music, Contemporary Dancing and Multimedia Projections are the elements we mix in to accomplish an explosive, avant-garde audio/visual candy production.

DRUM NUVO it’s ideal for Kick-Off company meetings or Conferences, Corporate Events, Festivals, Club Events, Fashion Shows, Concerts, TV Shows, Sports Events, Weddings, Electronic Music Festivals, etc.

DRUM NUVO’s music, choreography, LED drums and wardrobe are 100% original and designed from scratch for this product only. Show duration is 5 minutes but we offer optional additional 20 minutes of party music with crowd interaction at no difference in pricing.

DRUM NUVO can be performed in casts of 4 to 30 dancers and drummers.

DRUM NUVO can be performed at clubs, bars, restaurants, marinas, beaches, our drums are 100% portable and battery operated so we don't need to be near power outlets.  

DRUM NUVO could be hired as a package (Drummers, Dancers, LED Screen, Sound System, and Technicians) or in parts (only drummers, only dancers, etc).

DRUM NUVO is customizable! We can mix-match our production's elements to achieve various results, we can also add your company logos to our drums or graphics!

DRUM NUVO'S creators had been featured in collaborations with Shakira, JLO, Pitbull, Christina Aguilera, Prince Royce, Laura Pausini, and Jason Derulo, just to name a few.

Please note that prices may vary according to event location, date and weather conditions. We also offer a complete production package with Screen, Projector and Sound system.

Contact us today to discuss what version of this show suits better your event!

DRUM NUVO live at Fontanebleu Hotel, Miami Beach.
DRUM NUVO live at S3 Restaurant, Hilton Fort Lauderdale Beach.

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