Book our newest product!  "FRESH BEATS" [Vintage Tricycle DJ BOOTH] 

Impress your attendees with this stylish, one-of-a-kind DJ booth. inspired by the vintage fair theme, so relevant presently, UTP technicians designed and custom-made this amazing-looking wooden tricycle, which very much looks like the retro day's ice cream carts. The only difference is, we deliver "fresh beats!!" 

Book our incredible vintage tricycle and add an elegant yet hip and memorable touch to your event! Everyone would want a picture next to it! Call us today for pricing, we offer it with and without the DJ.

Production and Audio Visual Rentals

         Allow us to help throughout your event production/coordination, from design to execution

We provide assistance with State-of-the-Art equipment in Audio Visual Rentals for:
     Business Meetings, Conferences, Social Gatherings, Corporate Events, Destination Meetings, Product Presentations, Focus Groups...Top-quality assistance with:


UTP understands the importance of Powerful. Clean, Crisp sound thought your venue or event site. Our staffed Audio Engineers and Technicians are ready to operate our professional lines of audio equipment at any occasion. Live events, conferences, indoor/outdoor venues are finely tuned to deliver that WOW sound you are looking for.


Our extensive line of visual equipment plays a key role in displaying and capturing custom video content. Utilize our professional video line enhancing tools such a LED screens, HD projectors, HD monitors, video mapping, HD cameras and drone technologies to convey and capture a message to your audience in a powerful and modern way.


We understand that lighting is ome of the most important elements in creating a specific mood or atmosphere. Watch a room TRANSFORM right before your eyes when our UTP technicians and lighting programmers create a balanced array of light combinations to complement a theme, decor setting or set design. 


Nothing captures the attention of a crowd faster than a custom set design. Partner up with our creative team to create an original production emphasized with your taste and style. Through our in house design and building teams you'll be able to bring your vision to life.


A concept design allows the creation of something new and unprecedented. It gives Art quality to a determined concept or idea. Showcase your brand with a concept design that caters to an specific theme or message. Great for exhibitions or vendors shows.


At UTP we proudly offer the best technicians on each field, with years of experience and know how and the most positive, productive, problem solving attitude you can ask for.

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