We have examined and redefined much of the traditional criteria, understanding, and necessities of operating a successful event production and entertainment business. Our company primarily exists to help clients reach their vision and create extraordinary experiences. We at UTP proudly customize our work and dedicate all of our creativity and resources to make your event unique, flawless and unforgettable.


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DJ, Percussionist, Sound Designer, Music Composer/ Producer.

Event Producer. Entertainment Designer.

Mr. Stazzone's founded UTPentertainment in 2004. 

His eye (and ear) for style made UTPentertainment's products beyond the standard and his venture one of the most successful entertainment companies in South Florida till today. Luciano's goal was to found a small company that could handle big projects, a company producing entertainment made by artists. Luciano has designed and produced events for mainstream TV stations and high-end private events. His original productions can be seen featured by top 40 worldwide artists or by costumers in the corporate or private field.

"Entertainment and event productions without Art quality are forgettable" 

L. Stazzone

As a percussionist, he collaborated at studio sessions, tours, and live performances 


Luciano was Miami Theater Center's Resident Composer from 2007 to 2016,

his Dance Music creations have reached outstanding success getting to the top 5 spots on the Traxsource and Beatport -Afro House- Sales Charts on 2017/18/19.




Fiona Katelyn is our jewel. She's has been a part of UTP’s ongoing evolution for the last decade. Born in Boston and raised in Brasil, she is full of energy, discipline, and vision. But her aspirations and talents don’t stop at event planning: besides coordinating the extraordinary talent that UTP has recruited, she also successfully delivers as well on event production and decoration, having great experience in the marketing field for many years, she covers a broad spectrum in order to be able to collaborate with UTP not only as coordinating events and making contacts with new venues and accounts bringing her vision and attracting new clients to the firm.




When you hire UTPentertainment, you are hiring quality and this is mainly because our staff is composed of the best professionals in each field. 

We cherish our collaborators as we would not be where we are today without their incomparable work and dedication to each one of our events throughout the past 15 years.

Some of them are: Daren Smith, Fabian Hernandez, Fernando Diez, DjJax, Kenneth Metzker, Jose Javier Feire, Nick Volton, Carl Monestime, Dj Padraic, Dj Carlos Huerta, Andrew Vladeck, Angie Malcom, Chelo Segui, Muriel Reinoso, Rodolfo Troncoso, Elich Garcia, Keinny Merchan, Maria Prokoyeva, Nicole Bruno, Luckner Bruno Jr, Reggie Pierre, Kamila Cardenas, Evelyn Robaina, Lina Saroza, Guillermo Piacenza, Alejandro Sierra, Claudia Moreno, Maria Pia Sanz, Vannesa Ng, and many, many more... Special thanks to Maria Consuelo Hernandez for her input.



Evelyn, it's a top-grade professional choreographer. She handles dancer's bookings, coordinating wardrobe, rehearsals, and choreography for UTP's original productions. 

Evelyn is also a lead dancer, who can be seen in multiple mainstream music video clips within the past few years, produced by major record labels and marketing companies, she has been featured by Laura Pausini, Pitbull, Prince Royce, and Jason Derulo, to name a few. 



Some of our clients

From one of our dear client's website, (worth 2 min read).

"How to Select Entertainment Your Attendees Will Never Forget"

Decor & Entertainment,  Fresh Activities,  For Corporate Planners / 


Planners, what’s the first thing that always comes to mind when you begin organizing a multi-day corporate program? Do you think of amazing cuisine, specially tailored outings in the destination, and unique accommodations? While these logistics need to come first and rightly so, it’s essential to keep entertainment on the front burner, too. Because, according to Sharon Purewal, managing partner of 360DG who heads up the company’s Northern California offices, event entertainment is often the key that makes a program truly unforgettable. “With everything else planners are figuring out, entertainment can often become an afterthought,” she says. “But, for the attendee, it can be one of the most remembered pieces.”

So how do you select your best entertainment, whether that be for a welcome reception, an awards dinner, a networking event, or all of the above? Purewal delivers the keys to consider while sprinkling in a few unique entertainment ideas for corporate events.

Incorporate Entertainment into the Overall Design Plan from the Beginning 

Again, because entertainment is one of the most dynamic features of a program, it’s critical to think about it from the start of your planning in order to make sure you get something that truly wows while carving out an appropriate budget. “It needs to be part of the big picture,” notes Purewal. “So make sure you plan with your DMC from the beginning. That’s where 360DG shines – making sure the important things never fall through the cracks.”

Consider the Purpose of Your Event

Love that rock band and think they are a must-have for your next event? But what if the attendees haven’t seen each other in a year, and they’re just getting off of a five-hour flight? Purewal says you should always start with the intention of the event: Is this the welcome night and guests want to catch up with each other? Are you trying to promote interaction among the attendees? Or are you trying to wow them and get their attention directed to the stage before an executive presentation? Or maybe you want to give them an experience that showcases a side of the destination? “Simple background music is great, and oftentimes, just what you need. But even simple entertainment can also make a statement and should always be a means to help facilitate the goal of the event,” she says.

For example, during a reception that 360DG’s San Francisco office organized, the goal was twofold: to showcase how the city is all about celebrating diversity and different cultures, as well as provide an interactive experience for the guests. 360DG partnered with a global fusion band that could go from classical jazz to African drumming to Middle Eastern music by swapping out a few instruments. As the night went on and attendees began to let loose, they were encouraged to pick up some of the additional instruments and play alongside the band. The result: The perfect mix of traditional background at the beginning that amped up to an interactive show. In fact, guests were so engaged that the planner ended up extending the event!

Entertainment Doesn’t Just Mean Music

As the previous example demonstrates, entertainment can also translate to an activity. In fact, more and more clients of 360DG are asking for what the DMC refers to as “interactive stations” – think akin to a food station, but featuring an activity rather than food. 360DG has brought in everything from terrarium-making stations in Half Moon Bay to barrel-making demos in Napa to live glassblowing in San Francisco.

You can even use entertainment as a “give back” element, like setting up a station where guests can participate in making school-supply kits for teachers. Or, a fan favorite, bring in a puppy station – it always excites guests while raising money for the shelter and hopefully helps find a home for some of the furry friends.

Remember, finding unique entertainment is where 360DG excels. Not only do they have vast connections in their specific destinations, but because they have offices all around the country, they are able to share what kinds of unique and novel entertainment ideas and experiences have sprung up in other destinations nationwide. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Challenge Your Attendees 

While it’s important to keep your audience in mind, Purewal also feels entertainment can be a way to introduce your attendees to something new (and, therefore, create a memorable experience). “I think planners shouldn’t be afraid to step out of the lines a bit. The key is to use the feedback from previous events in previous years to help direct your decisions” she says.

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