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Music Production/Composing &

Sound Design

Are you a video content producer
 choreographer or film director in need of royalties free, original music?

       UTP can make it possible, assisting you through the entire process encompassing each stage of

       Music Creation.

       Creating music from scratch is one of our specialties. Beats, songs, themes...

       Whether you need a high-impact music production for a live show or a full-scale, master-quality                        production for a record, UTP entertainment producers are here to help. If you require the

       absolute best, all our producers have worked with several record labels and publishers on mid

       and big-budget projects, as for demo production with new artists. 

                                The Process of music making


  • Music Composition
    The first step, in which Artist and Producer create a new song and put into shape, defining genre, key, and main characteristics. Often, an Artist may come to the studio with a raw idea, and then, together with the producer, work out the whole song; other times, the song is already written and arrives at the studio so that final adjustments or arrangements are made.

  • Music Arrangement
    Once the original composing is done, all the arrangement goes next. That means all the instruments come into play: drums, percussion, bass, guitars, pianos, synthesizers, strings, reeds, horns, and brasses. Urban Tribal Project is assisted by a big variety of professional session players if required.

  • Voice Recording
    Afterward, the lead and backing vocals are recorded, checked for proper synchronization, tuning, and edited.  
    A note about mixing and vocals and expectations for the final result: Although there is a very good chance that I will be able to enhance your mix and vocal sound considerably, - there are also some limitations. Using food as an example again; if there is a dish with way too much salt in it, it is not always possible to 'un-salt' it, and make it taste balanced. When creating a vocal-sound, - the final result will depend on the quality of the recording of the vocal itself. If you have a good, clean recording of the vocal, using a high-quality microphone, and recording without compression or eq, at 24-bit resolution, - and preferably in a good sounding room, or with the fabulous SE Reflexion Filter - the end vocal sound and mix will be very good.

  • Mix Down
    After all the recording it's done, the Mix Down takes place, finding the exact level, equalization, compression and effects for each pre-recorded track; this process could take several hours or sessions depending on the project and it's vital for a good quality final product. If this was about food instead of music, mixing would be creating a delicious dish out of ingredients already bought - everything standing nicely on the kitchen table, and just waiting to be transformed into a nice meal for good friends.

  • Mastering
    Mastering is like doing the last touch on the hair and makeup, before doing a photo session. The clothes have already been brought in, the hair has been done at the hairdresser, and what remains is that last touch-up to get that little bit of magic extra before capturing it on film. 
    In music, it's a touch-up to take the song from sounding good, to sound even better! Of course, if it's perfect already, there's nothing to do. But usually, it is possible to get a little bit of polish and smoothness and help the overall sound to sound more like what you hear on the radio.

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